Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Sigfrid of Sweden

Saint Sigfrid (d. Växjö, 1045) was a Benedictine monk and bishop in Sweden.

Born in Northumberland and later serving as a priest in York and Glastonbury, Sigfrid was sent as a missionary to Norway, Aweden, and Denmark in the 11th century. While Saint Ansgar had planted the seeds of faith some two hundred years earlier, Sweden had fallen back into paganism until Sigfrid's arrival. He began by building a small wooden church in Växjö6, Sweden, and ministered for the rest of his life throughout Småland and Västergötland, converting many pagans to Christianity. Sigfrid died in Växjö about 1045.


Almighty God,
the light of the faithful and shepherd of souls,
who set your servant Sigfrid to be a bishop in the Church,
to feed your sheep by the word of Christ
and to guide them by good example:
give us grace to keep the faith of the Church
and to follow in the footsteps
of Jesus Christ your Son our Lord.



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